Utility Scale

Locally Produced Power

Cenfura can build, own, and operate 50–200-MW solar and wind parks. In contrast to traditional coal- and oil-run power plants, these environmentally friendly parks can be established near the national power grid and can directly feed into the grid.

Cenfura can also own, manage, and operate hydro and geothermal plants where natural resources permit.

By linking these energy producing asset capabilities with Cenfura’s smart platform and token system, the power produced can be directly sold to the consumer or fed into the national power grid.

Storage Options

In addition to power production, Cenfura can build utility-scale energy storage systems located at sub-stations or stand-alone storage farms, providing the grid with frequency and voltage regulation, load shifting and peak shaving services, as well as capacity assurance and black-start capabilities.

Coupled with Cenfura’s smart grid management system and renewable energy plants, these energy storage systems can provide excellent gains and favorable cost savings in contrast to traditional unwieldy oil- and coal-run power plants.

Cenfura Platform

Cenfura’s platform and token system maximizes the potential of transactive energy by completely utilizing the advantages of power production and storage in coordination with Cenfura’s smart technology to access the power markets 24 h a day.

The tokens then allow for the sale of excess energy at the best price and the purchase of energy at an affordable price through a fully automated system in line with the households’ estimated usage calculated by the smart technology.

All of this is available outside of the banking systems’ currency markets and fiat currencies using the Cenfura Utility Tokens through the Cenfura Exchange.

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