Project Update – Malachite Mews Battery Rooms!

Today is all about batteries! An integral part of the setup, the batteries enable us to provide power even when the sun is not shining.

The battery rooms are purpose-built and had to be built from the ground up – old rooms were not reused. Ventilation and cooling systems need to be fitted and design is a very carefully considered item.

A huge amount of stock goes into creating a renewable energy facility

With regard to the whole project, we have made significant progress thus far, having mounted all 1 533 solar panels, installed a total of 9 solar inverters and 27 Quattro 15 hybrid inverters and have completed building and painting of the battery rooms.

12km of DC cabling to bring the power from the panels to the inverters has been installed, and 750m of below-ground trenching for the cabling has been dug. In addition, the project created employment for 30 people for a period of 3 months.

Cenfura’s innovative project is expected to reduce the properties carbon footprint by 70% from the current emissions of about 1.2mil tons a year down to 360 000 tons per year.

Cenfura is proud to be installing the largest battery system in South Africa’s residential sector.

When the facility comes online, it will begin to use the Cenfura Token (XCF) for all its settlements – this will be the first time the token is taken into use, making Cenfura one of the first energy companies in the world to use this model. You can read more from our token website.

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