Microgrids Explained


A microgrid is a localized, small-scale power grid that can operate either autonomously or in collaboration with other small-scale power grids and often serves a distinct geographical footprint, such as shopping centers, hospitals, and communities.

Thus, microgrids are usually attached to a centralized national power grid and are a type of subsystems connected to the public grid at a single point. This connection acts as a switch that allows a microgrid to be disconnected from the public grid (in case of power failure, etc.) and enables it to temporarily operate in island mode.

Microgrids can strengthen grid resilience, help mitigate grid disruption, and act as a grid resource for fast system response and recovery.

  • Sources for locally producing energy, such as photovoltaics, wind turbines, and heat pumps, and additional back-up energy supply.
  • A smart management system that ensures the ongoing balance between electricity generation and demand.
  • A storage system, including batteries, hydrogen, pumped hydro, and compressed air.
  • Lead to peaks in demand and production of energy.
  • The smart management of microgrids allows not only energy but also information to be transmitted. This information is utilized to produce energy and manage energy use as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.
  • Optimize automated applications.

Technological advances and improvements in the monitoring, control, and payment collection of microgrids have dramatically upgraded the tools available to provide energy services.

As a result, microgrids today have enormous potential as part of the global effort to provide access to electricity for the 1.2 billion people who currently do not enjoy this access.

Cenfura’s platform and token system maximizes the potential of transactive energy and microgrids by completely utilizing the advantages of power production and storage in coordination with Cenfura’s smart technology to access the power markets 24 h a day.

The tokens subsequently allow for the sale of excess energy at the best price and the purchase of energy at an affordable price through a fully automated system in line with the households’ estimated usage calculated by the smart technology.

All of this is available outside of the banking systems’ currency markets and fiat currencies using the Cenfura Utility Tokens through the Cenfura Exchange.

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