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CENFURA CAPITAL SCA SICAV-RAIF (the “RAIF”) is an investment company, existing under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, under the form of a corporate partnership limited by shares and qualifying as a reserved alternative investment fund.

The Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) is an investment fund that can invest in all types of assets. RAIFs must appoint an authorised external Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM). If the AIFM is domiciled in the EU, RAIFs can market their shares, units or partnership interests via a specific passport to well-informed investors across the EU.

Investment in a RAIF is limited to “well-informed” investors that are able to adequately assess the risks associated with an investment in such a vehicle. These are defined as institutional investors, professional investors and investors who have confirmed in writing that they adhere to the “well-informed” investor status, and who either invest a minimum of EUR 125,000 in the RAIF or have been assessed by a credit institution, investment firm or management company which certifies the investor’s expertise, experience and knowledge in adequately appraising an investment in the RAIF.

Cenfura’s RAIF product is available through a third-party Luxembourg regulated AIFM entity Bridge Gate Sarl (the “AIFM”).

Cenfura Investment Process

The selection and valuation process for all projects is conducted in several stages – internally via the involvement of the local Cenfura team, then moving to Cenfura’s due diligence team and other relevant partners. Finally the proposal is reviewed by Cenfura’s investment committee, consisting of Cenfura’s management and external expert(s). It is then subject to independent and external due diligence review, which is provided by the third-party AIFM, who is obligated to review and approve before each investment decision.

Cenfura Investment Decisions

The initial decision making process is done so that as many risks involved are analysed and mitigated as possible. It involves financial modelling of the site, in country risk modelling and assessment, risks inherently involved in the project itself as well as risk exposures to the customers’ industry that the project is associated with. Some of the modelling criteria includes IRR, risk schedule, investment amount and length of the contract. Once these risks are assessed by our experts, we are then able to move forward with the process outlined above. 

Key elements of investment strategy

Geographical Location

With a huge spread of locations worldwide, across all 5 continents. Cenfura’s basket of projects offers diversity into all the corners of the world providing geographical diversification against ups and downs of local economies and political turmoil.


Market verticals are an important part of a good diversity strategy and Cenfura addresses these with projects across a range of verticals, including residential, commercial and industrial.

Currency Exposure

The Fund will invest to each project via local-based Operating Companies which will provide exposure to the local operational currency. The exposure of the Fund to many geographical locations and operational currencies provides diversification to fluctuating exchange rates via the multiple foreign currency pairs with the reference currency which is the Euro).


Each of Cenfura’s projects offers the opportunity to utilize the latest technology and several Renewable Energy types, including Solar, Bio, Wind, Wave, etc. In addition, it provides various usages of the latest transactive energy and storage technology.


The RAIF will invest in various projects ranging from 500 kW to more than 100 MW, with each project offering different levels of profitability and speed to market.


All Cenfura projects are contractually enforced via long-term power purchasing agreements offering varying and multiple cash flow time scales from 10 years to 25 years and more.

Time to Market

Cenfura’s RAIF will carefully balance its investments into projects, offering varied timings in their construction and delivery of energy to the market, thus spreading the risk of different timescales and profitability.

Why Luxembourg?

  • World’s only Renewable Energy Exchange with more than 500 renewable and green energy funds listed
  • Luxembourg is at forefront of investment in the EU
  • Offers a truly innovative new ideas for building investment funds.
  • Offers renewable energy companies such as ourselves a direct link to our investors.

Cenfura’s Best-in-Breed Investment Partners




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