Industrial Solutions

The energy needs of factories, logistics centers, refineries, and many other industrial sectors can be either fully or partly met through the use of a renewable energy solution to meet their energy needs either in full or in part.

With the expected abundance of rooftop or other spaces, many areas can be optimized and built upon to create a solution that increases companies’ profits and fulfills their environmental responsibilities.

Local Power

Locally produced power is a significant reward for the businesses wanting to be profitable because this power has minimal transmission losses and no fees associated with the power grid.

The advent of smart power systems, such as Cenfura’s system, has led to more savings through greater power distribution efficiency and better, more efficient energy storage methods.

In addition, the ability to integrate many local power sources into a grid-connected system boosts production and leads to less downtime across the entire enterprise.

Cenfura Platform

Cenfura’s platform and token system maximizes the potential of transactive energy by completely utilizing the advantages of power production and storage in coordination with Cenfura’s smart technology to access the power markets 24 h a day.

The tokens then allow for the sale of excess energy at the best price and the purchase of energy at an affordable price through a fully automated system in line with the households’ estimated usage calculated by the smart technology.

All of this is available outside of the banking systems’ currency markets and fiat currencies using the Cenfura Utility Tokens through the Cenfura Exchange.

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