Inclusion Initiatives

Energy Poverty Program

Sadly, there are millions and millions of people in the world that lack access to meaningful energy services. The lack of reliable access to electricity is known as “Energy Poverty.” Energy Poverty has been identified and recognized by the United Nations as a significant global problem that impacts nearly half of the world’s population. To that end, the United Nations has set a goal to achieve universal energy access by 2030. The Cenfura Team supports this goal and is committed to combating energy poverty and improves the lives of millions through its initiative described below.

To understand in greater detail, at both the individual and the community level, Energy Poverty can be seen as the opposite of energy security. In fact, the University of Texas at Austin reports that that Energy Poverty can not only be classified as a development issue, but it can be seen as a threat multiplier, meaning it exacerbates conditions thought to enable violence, such as poverty, environmental degradation, political instability, and social tension.

Academic Support

Cenfura will seek to further and strengthen academic research and other educational programs that advance the knowledge and practical applications of integrating grid control and TE. To do so, Cenfura will endeavor to identify key research efforts within the academic community and assist in sponsoring the research with grants. Additionally, where appropriate and to the advantage of both parties, in order to expand the practical base of experience available to the general industry, Cenfura will contract development projects to researchers and students at leading universities. Cenfura may change its Academic Support program as matters progress.

Cenfura and Sustainable Living

Cenfura actively supports Our United Planet, an NGO working towards offering a sustainable living environment to people across the globe. Our United Planet brings new technology and new techniques to underserved communities.
It is evident that indigenous peoples are often at a disadvantage, frequently having to compromise between progress or sacrificing their environment. Cenfura will assist in promoting the welfare, wellbeing and educational prospects.
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