Commercial Solutions

Commercial projects can range from small businesses with rooftop solar panels to large shopping malls with canopy solar systems in the parking lot that sell the excess energy to the main grid.

A vacation resort in an isolated location or on an island could produce energy for its own use as well as supply the excess to the local community, consequently replacing the diesel-run, small, noisy, and polluting power plants.

Public and Government Solutions

Large hospital campuses present various opportunities for installing solar panels. Parking lot canopies with solar panels are a great option; they re-purpose unused space and provide shade for visitors, patients, and staff. Alternatively, many hospitals choose roof-mounted solar systems.

Municipalities are likewise heavily investing in various forms of renewable energy systems, both for use in public spaces such as parking lots and sports arenas as well as for powering municipal buildings using their own microgrids.

Cenfura can provide solutions to assist with public grid related problems such as load management and power outages, making the implementation and operation of such applications predictable and trouble-free.

Cenfura Platform

Cenfura’s platform and token system maximizes the potential of transactive energy by completely utilizing the advantages of power production and storage in coordination with Cenfura’s smart technology to access the power markets 24 h a day.

The tokens then allow for the sale of excess energy at the best price and the purchase of energy at an affordable price through a fully automated system in line with the households’ estimated usage calculated by the smart technology.

All of this is available outside of the banking systems’ currency markets and fiat currencies using the Cenfura Utility Tokens through the Cenfura Exchange.

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